All past and current projects undertaken by the Open Virtual Worlds team.

ACE Viewer
A Virtual World viewer with modifications to support control via the Kinect.
Virtual Time Window
Using Virtual Worlds for tables based cross reality.
Virtual Actors
Adding life to Virtual World based reconstructions.
GIS Importer
Importing GIS data to model the underlying terrain of a Virtual World.
Coordination application allowing a range of applications including Virtual World based installations and pre recorded flythroughs.
An API for simplifying interaction with Natural User Input devices.
External C# control of the OpenSim scene graph.
LAVA Project
Archaeological simulator to help students learn about planning field work.
Fully featured Sim on a Stick packages with both Virtual World client and server bundled.
Virtual Humanitarian Disaster
Training simulation for managing large scale humanitarian disasters.
Virtual St Andrews
An interactive, virtual model of St Andrews.
ViStA Project
Virtual Standrews Project
A TCP Fair Virtual World client.
Routing Island
Teaching Internet routing algorithms using a Virtual World based 3D simulation.
The WiFi Laboratory
A Virtual world tool for teaching about wireless networking.
Understanding St Andrews Castle
MSc Project