Visitors Book

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Comments from our visitors book used at Sensation in Dundee earlier this year, and Food for Thought on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who visited the exhibit and interacted with the Virtual Cathedral.  Visitors to the Virtual St Andrews Cathedral, were encouraged to leave some comments about their experience, the comments were hugely positive, with many relating to the possibility of revisiting the ruins with a new vision of the Cathedral.

We would like to share your thoughtful comments –



More comments from the book include –

“Wonderful reconstruction, gives a real sense of what it would have been like!  A real step back in time.”

“Highly immersive!  Would be fascinating to see so many buildings from history using this system.”

“Remarkably clear reconstruction. Very useful to be able to see how the ruins relate to what was there.”

“Fantastic work. Can’t wait to visit St Andrews again to look at the ruins.”