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The OVW interdisciplinary team works with immersive and mobile technologies to preserve and promote heritage.

Never have there been so many opportunities and so many challenges facing heritage and the digital sector. The Open Virtual Worlds group at St Andrew’s University is a multidisciplinary group focussed on the application of digital technologies for the preservation and promotion of both cultural and natural heritage. We work with immersive and mobile technologies to discover how to create engaging interactive experiences.

Digital Imaging

Digitisation of cultural and natural heritage preserves, archives, promotes and disseminates unique material from all over the world.


Making digital models of the past lets us create and animate historic scenes featuring buildings, artefacts and people. See our reconstructions from the CUPIDO project.


We are helping build digital capacity through holding workshops and developing digital infrastructure. See our heritage studio.

 Live Heritage

We hold and participate in seminars, videos and conferences that feature guided tours of galleries, reconstructions and lost landscapes. You can catch up with these at the Live Heritage Facebook group.

Virtual Time Binoculars

Making virtual museums without walls is made easy with the Virtual Time Binocular Platform which supports cross reality exploration of cultural and natural heritage sites.   

Time Travel Exhibits

Creating interactive and immersive exhibits featuring digital reconstructions lets visitors exercise their digital literacies whilst exploring the past. Case study with Tomintoul and link to HIE video.

Interactive Maps

Connecting heritage sites through mapping virtual reality creates engaging immersive experience that are easy to naviagate.

Virtual Museums

The StaGATE infrastructure made in St Andrews for making Virtual Museums, with Galleries, Archives, Toolkits and Exhibits, across the globe. See what we have been doing with it in the CINE project.

Smart History

Link up with Smart History for all your VR needs from enhancing visitor’s experience, delivering museum’s to the home and turning your area into a museum without walls.


Read about our research into immersive learning, communication and heritage spanning over 20 years.


Meet researchers in or working with the Open Virtual Worlds Group. Our interdisciplinary group has the skills to tackle any heritage challenge!

Get Involved

Feel free to get involved with OVW, there are many routes and we love collaborating with heritage organisations and offer project opportunities for students.