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The Palace and the Cathedral go to Paris. The 3D reconstruction of Linlithgow Palace and St Andrews Cathedral will feature at the Immersive Education Initiative (IED) Paris Summit later this month.

CJ and John will be at MetaMeets “The Art of Creation : Virtuality meets Reality” 2012 in Holland.

John’s Routing Island world was in action with MSc students undertaking a Networks and Distributed Systems module.IMGP6400IMGP6398IMGP6271
Madras College Pupils had classroom presentations and group based sessions interacting with the Cathedral reconstruction before scheduled visits to the monument.

The group had an exhibition at Digidoc 2012 and again at a Scottish Association Of Teachers Of History SATH conference in Edinburgh.

The week ends with meetings relating to Archaeology at St Andrews and more educational initiatives with Education Scotland in Edinburgh. Updates to follow in due course.