The Madras Experience

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Pupils from Madras College in St Andrews had an opportunity to interact with the virtual reconstruction of St Andrews Cathedral earlier this month.

After classroom presentations on Monday and Tuesday, pupils used the 3D reconstruction to complete a task sheet on Wednesday and Thursday to reveal interesting facts about the cathedral, medieval characters and lifestyles.

Robert the Bruce was in-world to provide clues and lead the way for lost pilgrims. After completing the quest, pupils provided three imaginative words to describe the reconstruction. The tag cloud below highlights the most popular words.

Outwith the scheduled sessions pupils and staff had the opportunity to drop in for free form explorations. The sessions proved very popular and created much excitement within the Library where the event was taking place. Prizes were supplied by the Open Virtual Worlds Group for the most imaginative words.

Last week pupils visited the cathedral monument remains enabling them to compare this with the 3D reconstruction and gain a new perspective on its scale and magnificence.

Thanks to Bruce and Maggie for organising the timetable of events and Liz and Todd for their enthusiasm and help in the Library.