Medieval St Andrews App Gives the Town’s history the 21st Century Treatment

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The Open Virtual Worlds group are not content with digitally restoring the St Andrews Cathedral and the St Andrews Castle to their former glory. The group are now making the rich history of St Andrews available through a location aware app for android. This Autumn Adeola Fabola will be continuing the work that won him a distinction on his Master’s dissertation and collaborating with the School of History to produce an App which will combine multimedia and GPS to ensure that visitors always have information about the fascinating history of this ancient town in their pockets. The media included will be images from the manuscripts held in the University’s special collections, descriptions of the stories behind the various sites across town and videos and stills from the group’s digital reconstructions of those sites.

Map of John Geddy's St Andrews in c. 1580.

Map of John Geddy’s St Andrews in c. 1580.

The app will be launched by the principle at an event in St Andrews at Lower College Hall on St Andrews day (November 30th 2014). From then on it will then be available for free to anyone wishing to learn more about the history of this medieval hub and the remnants of that history which still cover the town.

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