Eyemouth Fort – 1557

A digital reconstruction of Eyemouth Fort.

In the 1980’s Dr David Caldwell conducted excavations at the fort, with his knowledge and archaeological evidence, along with historical research undertaken in the School of History we have created a virtual representation of how we believe the fort may have looked in 1557. The Eyemouth model recreates the English and French fortifications above the town. Constructed during the ‘Rough Wooing’ in the sixteenth century Eyemouth Fort played a pivotal role in the relationship between Scotland, England and France. All that remain today are the enormous earthworks, and it can be difficult to understand the remains without seeing them from the air. We made this digital reconstruction as part of the Virtual Histories Project for Eyemouth Museum.

You can access our OpenSim grid to explore our reconstructions of Eyemouth Fort by following the instruction here.

The Canmore entry for Eyemouth Fort is here.