Market Street – 1565

For over 800 years Market Street has been the commercial heart of the burgh of St Andrews. This reconstruction shows Market Street during the middle of the sixteenth century – a time when St Andrews was a significant trading centre and the religious capital of Scotland.

The reconstruction was created by Smart History and the Open Virtual Worlds Team at the University of St Andrews. It is part of an ongoing project to represent digitally the burgh of St Andrews at the time of the Scottish Reformation.

During the Middle Ages, Market Street was a place where local residents met to exchange goods, gossip, and watch the punishment of wrongdoers.

Funding for the Market Street reconstruction was provided by the St Andrews Community Trust and the University of St Andrews’ Covid-19 Restarting Research Funding Scheme.

This work was funded as part of ‘Enabling Heritage Response to COVID-19 through Virtual Reality Exhibits, Virtual Museum Infrastructure and Capacity Building’.

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