Medieval St Andrews App

Ever wondered what it was like to wander the streets of medieval St Andrews? See for yourself, with a new, freely available app developed by academics at the University of St Andrews.

The Medieval St Andrews App is a mobile application that enables learners to concurrently explore the physicality of St Andrews and access location specific research. The App acts as a guide providing a narrative linking together specific locations on the physical trail, which is freely available to students, visitors to St Andrews and the general public.

“Just the right number of buildings to make you feel you have seen the town but not too much walking. Quiz questions give the children a focus and additional information of interest to mum and dad. Would be nice to see further tours added. Make sure you initialise the app before first use so that you can download all content.”   –  Freddybobs


View St Andrews lost Tolbooth from Market Street

Launched November 2014