St Salvator’s College – 1559

St Salvator’s Quad is one of the best known landmarks in St Andrews. For more than five centuries the tall tower of St Salvator’s has dominated the local skyline. Yet much of the rest of the design of St Salvator’s Quad has been completely transformed in the years since Bishop James Kennedy established a College dedicated to Christ the Saviour in 1450.

Now researchers from the University of St Andrews and Smart History take a first look at creating a new 3D digital reconstruction of St Salvator’s College as it may have appeared in its medieval heyday.

This reconstruction of St Salvator’s is the first phase in a wider project to digitally reconstruct the appearance of the whole burgh of St Andrews just before the upheavals of the Protestant Reformation permanently changed the townscape of Scotland’s religious capital.

The Canomre entry for St Salvator’s College is here.