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The Madras Experience

Pupils from Madras College in St Andrews had an opportunity to interact with the virtual reconstruction of St Andrews Cathedral earlier this month. After classroom presentations on Monday and Tuesday, pupils used the 3D reconstruction to complete a task sheet on Wednesday and Thursday to reveal interesting facts about the cathedral, medieval characters and lifestyles. Robert the Bruce was in-world… Read more →

Virtual worlds news round-up

What’s been happening in virtual worlds research at St Andrews? Summer dissertations ended in August. Six students completed dissertations focusing on virtual world resources using OpenSim. We had great fun supervising the students, and thank them for all their hard work. Dissertation Titles: A Toolkit for Managing Open Virtual World Grids Multimedia and Interactivity in Virtual Worlds using a Reconstruction… Read more →

Rejuvenating Robert the Bruce

Chris Thornton will be giving Robert the Bruce a virtual lease of life this summer (2012). We asked him for a quick progress update yesterday. “I have been modelling the appearance of the Robert the Bruce Avatar, so his face and body shape but most of all his clothing which is a suit of chain mail with a robe over the… Read more →

600th Anniversary Graduation Week

The 3D reconstruction of St Andrews cathedral proved very popular at the University Food For Thought event yesterday. The event was organised as part of the university’s 600th anniversary celebrations.   Read more →

Successful SELF bid

A proposed collaborative project between Open Virtual Worlds in Computer Science, Special Collections and Art History called Flexible Access to Medieval Books (FAB) has been successful in this year’s SELF funding. The goal of this project is to utilise 21st century technology to enable learners to participate in history and thereby to extend the boundaries of experiential learning. The project… Read more →

Secret Lives of Medieval Books

An interesting article was published in the University News yesterday, looking at how the physical interaction people had with medieval books can offer an insight in to why and how they were using them. A fascinating glimpse into medieval life – could be useful background for some of the MSc project work on the Cathedral over the summer. Read more →

Explore the Cathedral

In response to a number of requests, Iain has provided a link and further information to allow everyone to experience the reconstruction.Explore the Cathedral today http://virtualworlds.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/cathedral/login.php Read more →

Open Virtual Worlds

The Open Virtual Worlds blog is now live! Open Virtual Worlds are multi-user 3D environments within which users are represented by the proxy of an avatar. They are similar to multi-player computer games but differ in the important respect that their appearance, interactive characteristics, content and purpose are all programmable. In addition they can act as a portal for organising… Read more →