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Visit to St Andrews Castle

The sun shone yesterday as we took a tour of St Andrews Castle with Prof Richard Fawcett to discuss all aspects of the Castle as it would have been in the 16th Century.  We will use this information along with further consultation with Prof Fawcett to create our 3D virtual reconstruction of this once magnificent building.     Read more →

Pleasure Palace of the Royal Stewarts Revisited

Linlithgow palace was the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and was once lived in by successive Stewart kings. The preserved monument of the Royal Palace can be visited in a picturesque park setting overlooking Linlithgow Loch. An earlier reconstruction of Linlithgow Palace undertaken by Education Scotland and Historic Scotland is now being developed further by Open Virtual Worlds in… Read more →

Open Virtual Worlds

The Open Virtual Worlds blog is now live! Open Virtual Worlds are multi-user 3D environments within which users are represented by the proxy of an avatar. They are similar to multi-player computer games but differ in the important respect that their appearance, interactive characteristics, content and purpose are all programmable. In addition they can act as a portal for organising… Read more →